About City Confidential Investigations


investigatorCity Confidential Investigations LLC, located in Virginia Beach VA, has helped its clients in HUNDREDS of cases. Given our combined 20+ years of personal and professional experience, we simply ARE the best choice to get the results you’re looking for. We know, we’ve been there. Who better to help than a firm with that extra enthusiasm, experience and determination to assist you with something so personal? Our investigative staff are compassionate, discrete and above all else we take honesty and integrity VERY seriously.

We work in tandem with our clients, gathering the evidence and information necessary for you to achieve victory in court and to give you the peace of mind and closure that comes with knowing the WHOLE truth. We have one goal: to empower YOU! We are committed to helping those who NEED answers. The ability to establish and defend your rights and/or substantiate your integrity can be the principles that make or break any court case.

We’re NOT here to judge, we’re here to help YOU get the peace of mind and closure that you deserve!The Commonwealth of Virginia has written reciprocity laws with North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, as well as Oklahoma.

Free 30 minute Consultation!

Please take advantage of a free 30 minute consultation. You will receive a REALISTIC assessment of what we can do to fulfill your specific needs. Should you wish to proceed, all of our rates and fees will be agreed upon before we open your case.

At City Confidential Investigations there are no hidden charges.