Divorce and Child Custody


Divorce/ Domestic Issues

Divorce due to infidelity is likely to be one of the most painful and devastating things that can happen in your life. The embarrassment, fear and betrayal can be overwhelming. Even the prospect of a husband or wife being unfaithful is painful and extremely disruptive to your life. Allow us to help you find closure. If there’s evidence to be found, let us use our investigative prowess to find it! Our staff is experienced at “digging up the dirt” through the use of GPS trackers, surveillance, and augmented by computer/face-to-face research and detail oriented reporting.

Chances are that if you suspect your wife or husband is cheating on you, he/she probably is. Whether you’re a father, a mother, a spouse or a significant other, you all have one thing in common, the right to know the TRUTH. The ability to establish and defend their rights and/or substantiate their integrity can be the principles that make or break any court case. We know, we’ve been there. Given our combined 20+ years of personal and professional experience, we simply ARE the best choice to get the results you’re are looking for. Who better to help, than a firm with that extra enthusiasm, experience and determination to assist you with something so personal?

Warning Signs

1. Working a lot of overtime ‘all the sudden’?
2. Excessive use of the Internet or closing things out when you walk by?
3. Unaccountable Hours?
4. Hiding the cell/house phone bill or online activity?
5. Saying “It’s your imagination”?
6. Receiving hang up/blocked phone calls?
7. No longer interested in sex?
8. No longer wearing a wedding ring or making excuses why they can’t?
9. New sexual techniques?10. Saying “I need my space”?

What if I am wrong?

If there is no evidence the subject is cheating, you will have gained peace of mind about your relationship. Since our investigations are 100% confidential, you will not have risked sacrificing the relationship if you *are* wrong.

Child Custody

Child Custody cases require special skills and sensitivity. As our second most common type of case, we have had a lot of experience with them. The fact is that the children are the first priority. As we have mothers (and even a couple fathers) on staff, we KNOW the importance of the evidence in these matters. We handle these cases carefully, but firmly. We know what you need, and if it’s there, we can find it.

Fathers and Mothers Rights are very important and should be treated as such. There’s NO ONE BETTER to handle these issues than people who KNOW what the judge will look for and what you need to have to help solidify your case. Our investigators know that these types of investigations are usually the most crucial issue in a divorce or custody dispute. In determining the custody of a minor, most courts are usually guided by one standard…the best interest of the child (see links section for more information to find out what these are) If it is not in the best interest of your child to be in the custody or visitation of the other parent, we will find the evidence (if there is any) during the course of our investigations, to provide you with proof for your hearing. There are many things that can affect a child’s safety in a custody situation. One of these things is the new friends and partners that a parent may meet after a divorce. Custody arrangements are usually based on information that is current at the TIME of the divorce.

The circumstances of a person’s life can change dramatically, usually with no corresponding changes to custody arrangements. A parent may meet a new partner who is a bad influence or is even actively dangerous to the child the parent is responsible for. The other parent may, also, show signs of mental issues, that you may have ‘over looked’, at the start of your relationship. Your child could be suffering from emotional abuse in ways that you can’t even imagine …and not be ‘brave’ enough to tell you, for fear of retaliation from the other parent. These types of situations cause LONG TERM EMOTIONAL DAMAGE TO THE CHILD and the proof can be backed up through NUMEROUS statistics and light research online. Personality disorders are NO JOKE! We can discreetly investigate their daily activities, lifestyle and the people they associates with. We can also do background checks, carry out video surveillance and take photos. Parents who have partial or full custody have a responsibility to ensure that their child is safe with the other partner who shares custody of the child. A big part of that is ensuring that the friends and new partners that parent has are safe for the child, too. After all… you never know who has a criminal history or past violent tendencies…do you?