We do surveillance for many types of investigations, such as domestic/divorce and child custody cases. These cases can be the most dramatic and gratifying investigations. The purpose of such an investigation is to document the truth. An individual’s activities can be documented at home, work and/or on the road. Still photography and video equipment is used as needed. As with all our investigations, a detailed written report is provided.

Digital Forensics:

Forensic investigation is a time-consuming effort that requires specialized expertise, procedures, tools, and lab environment. Proper investigation and evidence collection focused on forensically sound processes, is an absolute necessity. This ensures that the forensic process can withstand the scrutiny of an opposing legal counsel. It is essential to use experienced personnel when investigating a potential cyber crime. Inexperienced personnel may not know where or how to gather or preserve valuable evidence and may damage or erase critical data. This potential loss or tampering of evidence can result in an unfavorable ruling by a judge, or the evidence may not be admissible in the case.Rest Assured, we can help you reach your digital forensics goals promptly and cost-effectively.

Using our techniques, we recover deleted/hidden/encrypted files, construct system usage activity, and determine whether an intruder has compromised a computer.  Further, we help determine the data that the attacker modified, accessed, copied, or deleted.  Our forensics investigations are focused on obtaining and reconstructing activities from data in various storage media:

Computer networks – Email systems – Database Management Systems – Handheld Devices (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, smartphones, cell phones, etc.) – Backup Tapes and other Internal/External Storage Media

We look for digital evidence in cases involving:

Evidence/Data (acquisition,preservation, recovery, analysis, and reporting) – Intellectual Property Theft – Computer Misuse – Corporate Policy Violation – Mobile Device (PDA, cell phone) Data Acquisition and Analysis – Malicious Software/Application – System Intrusion and Compromise – Encrypted, Deleted, and Hidden Files Recovery – Illicit Pornography – Confidential Information Leakage.


Recent amendments to the United States Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) address the discovery of electronically stored information, expanding the use of a “legal hold” beyond preservation of paper documents. An organization has a duty to preserve relevant information when it learns, or reasonably should have learned of pending or threatened litigation, or of a regulatory investigation. In order to comply with its preservation obligations, the organization should inform records custodians of their duty to preserve relevant information. Through our e-discovery solutions, we help you search, locate, and secure electronic information for use as evidence in civil or criminal litigation. We work with you to identify, collect, preserve, recover, and produce electronic data to ensure that you comply with e-discovery requests promptly. Our vendor-neutrality ensures that the most cost-effective e-discovery strategy is executed. We gather electronic data from storage devices that serve as evidence from all file types, including: text, emails, chat, images, calendar files, databases, spreadsheets, audio files, servers, and other computer applications.

Incident Response:

Many companies have crisis management plans to cover natural disasters or unexpected employee concerns. However, it is also important to be prepared to handle information security incidents before any occur. A well-executed response can reveal the true extent of a compromise and prevent future occurrences.Our analysts have created methodologies to evaluate, mitigate, escalate, and contain incidents. We assist you in the creation, implementation, and roll-out of your incident response capability. Our team of investigators also help you create policies and processes to ensure that security incidents are resolved effectively in the least amount of time.

In addition, we has fully equipped and experienced respond ers with years of experience in information security intrusion detection. We assist you in all aspects from securing the system or network through data acquisition and forensic analysis. We help investigate systems, networks, operating systems, database systems, and other infrastructure components. Our team is extremely nimble, which ensures that we respond to any security incident quickly. We take the additional step of securing the compromised system, forensically preserving the data, and analyzing the evidence to determine the perpetrator.

Service of Process is when legal documents such as summonses, complaints, subpoenas, writs and other court documents are delivered to the individual to whom the legal document is directed. Simply put, if you need to ‘serve’ someone court papers, we can do that fast, efficiently and for reasonable rates.


“Know your opponent better than they know themselves”!!

Interviewing – Comprehensive Background Checks – Soft Background Checks – Skip Tracing and much more!


You’ve seen it in the movies and on TV…a control center full of people watching a tracked object move on a map. Seem a little ‘out there’ of an idea? Is it really??? The devices signals from the 24 Department of Defense Satellites orbiting the earth. Once government access only technology, GPS tracking is a real life solution that WORKS!

Real Time GPS: Where the vehicle is REAL TIME

This sophisticated vehicle tracking GPS system will keep track of your teenager or spouse’s where abouts when they’re out with your car. Once the unit is placed, we can travel to those locations to ascertain what kind of activity is going on and get photos and/or video (if we’re not already following them).


Other Services we offer

You can even RENT our equipment!

Our Real Time GPS devices update us EVERY 1-2 MINUTES and let you know EXACTLLY where your subject of interest IS. It gives us very helpful information like where they are, where they’ve been (the exact address to EVERY stop they’ve made), how long they were parked/stopped somewhere, how fast they were going and sends out alerts to our phones EVERY TIME THEY MOVE. Locate Investigations including witnesses, loved ones, skip trace and Deadbeat spouses, contact numbers: We can conduct an advanced skip trace search from an entire network of specialized proprietary tools, techniques and data systems. This report is crucial in helping you run down various leads to find out the whereabouts of a subject. It helps weed out previous addresses and ferret out property, employment, assets, and liabilities for service process, debt collection, or an advanced people search.

Common Questions investigators get

What would I get? Pictures or video evidence?

Most clients want pictures or video of what’s going on. Most attorneys will tell you that video evidence is as important as any testimony. Don’t be fooled by investigators that guarantee pictures or video. It can be very difficult to obtain, but we make every effort possible to obtain video (and 9 times out of 10, we DO).

What if we lose the subject while on surveillance?

Conducting mobile surveillance on any vehicle, especially in a congested area’s is very difficult. There ARE times when investigators may lose the person that we were watching.  At times, it may be necessary to stop following the subject that we are investigating.

Sometimes there are those individuals who we are conducting surveillance on are looking over their shoulder and being extremely alert, to see if anyone is watching or following them. An experienced investigator will never continue to follow someone who is trying to determine if they are being followed. Remember you can always go back with a different vehicle/investigator, but not if you get burned!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We do not advocate or condone the improper use of any of our products for spying or monitoring of individuals without consent. Be sure to check and obey all local, state, and federal laws when using any type of surveillance equipment.